My diary as a volunteer at Rachel House (by Gemma Rhodes)

“I have started this diary to record as accurately as possible not only what I have seen at Rachel House but the way it has struck me emotionally. I first got involved with Rachel House because, after working in the corporate world for seven months, I found that I had developed a desperate need to find and do something more than purely continuing to work in a capitalist capacity without even considering what was going on in the world outside of glass walled offices. It was my dad that put me in touch with one of his old school friends, Lynna Chandra, a lady who founded a pediatric palliative care hospice in Jakarta, and suggested that I contact her asking if I could help out over the summer. It is thanks to Lynna that I have been able to see and experience the following events and I hope that I will be able to give you an insight into some of the amazing work that she and her team perform.”