Rachel House recently celebrated its 11th Anniversary with The Living Wall installation at a public mall in Jakarta. The Living Wall invited visitors to Cilandak Town Square (CITOS) mall to ponder and reflect on what they would do if they had one more day to live. Over 1600 people shared their dreams on the five giant walls; each taking a moment to reflect on the preciousness of life, allowing themselves the blessings of gratefulness.


Wrapped around the giant walls were stories of some children who had shared their joys and their final days with Rachel House. At this event, we celebrated the lives of these courageous souls, who have inspired and moved us, and, most of all, committed us to this path to help add life to every child’s remaining days.



We were joined by the parents of some of these children who have become part of Rachel House’s family. They came and saw the memory of their children on The Living Wall, they spoke with passion of the right of every child to live with joy and dignity, and free from pain. We took photos together, under the watchful presence of their little angels, in shared memory of a storied journey.



The three days of blessings saw people from all walks of life chipping in to support children living with life-limiting illnesses. A 16-year old girl from British School Jakarta ran a head-shaving fundraising campaign to show solidarity with the children who lose their hair, and so much more, to life-limiting illnesses like cancer and HIV.



Well-recognised and celebrated Indonesian personalities lent their voices and influence to raise public awareness of the plight of children living with serious illnesses, to help ensure that no child is left to suffer. Click here to see our supporters.


Andien Aisyah & Kelly Tandiono


Joko Anwar & Satria Muda


As press members gathered around the Living Walls to hear Ibu Yuni – the mother of former Rachel House patient Rangga, Maya Hasan – the renowned harpist and certified IHTP (International Harp Therapy Program) practitioner, dr Edi Tehuteru – a pediatric oncologist & former palliative care consultant for Rachel House, and Kartika Kurniasari – Rachel House’s CEO, share what palliative care means to each of them, we were reminded of the enormous challenge that remains real and present for Indonesia.



Close to 700,000 children are living with life-limiting illnesses and in pain in Indonesia. Sadly, less than 1% of these children currently have access to palliative care.

We know we have our work cut out for us, but until such time as no Indonesian child ever has to live or die in pain, our work is not finished.

We invite everyone to join us on this journey by supporting our work and helping the most vulnerable families in Indonesia.

If you would like to know more about the Living Wall, or to host a Living Wall event visit our sister site here.