Ivan’s story

“Ivan weighed only 7.2kgs when he was referred to Rachel House in August – far below the normal weight for an 18-month infant. He was suffering from severe malnutrition and lung tuberculosis, and was being fed through a nasogastric tube, which can cause great discomfort.”

 As told by Nurse Ana – all photos Ryner St John/NGO Photographers Alliance

Nurse Ana checks Ivan’s vital signs


“What are you writing, Mummy?”

“Ivan has a loving family around him – but both of his parents are sick and unable to work. His grandparents try to help out where they can but money is very tight. The best way to help Ivan gain weight is to supplement his diet with infant milk formula. But this formula is very expensive. Like most Indonesian families, this formula was out of reach of Ivan and his family.”

Ivan is blessed with a loving family

“Thanks to support of Rachel House donors, however, we have been able to provide the infant milk formula to Ivan. In conjunction with an overall plan for Ivan, the results have been great – in just over four months his weight has increased to a much healthier 10.4 kg.”

Little Ivan loves playing with the pulse oximeter

“Another key part of the plan for Ivan is making sure he continues to receive his medication when at home. Unfortunately, health literacy is very low among many Indonesians. Since August, I’ve been working closely with his mum and dad to make he gets gets his medicine on time, his tablets don’t run out and to help manage any complications or side effects.”

“All done for today Ivan!”

“Things are looking up for Ivan and his family, and that’s thanks to the donors and supporters of Rachel House, who make sure we can support him and his family,” said Ana.

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“Don’t worry I’ll see you again very soon, Ivan!”