In the hope of making palliative care available throughout the health system, Rachel House offers palliative care training and education programs complete with practical and hands-on learning and mentoring for medical professionals in the hospital setting.

In February 2015, in collaboration with Singapore International Foundation (“SIF”) and National Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia or YKI), a 3-year palliative care training program for medical professionals was launched. Participants of the training include a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals (adult & pediatric) and allied health professionals from 5 national referral hospitals and 7 district hospitals in Jakarta. Through the collective knowledge and experience of the trainers who are leaders and specialists in palliative care, the participants are expected to learn, amongst others:

  • Effective pain and symptom management
  • Communication skills
  • Psychosocial & spiritual support
  • Ethics and the law


In collaboration with the Indonesian Pediatrics Society (Ikatan Doktor Anak Indonesia, IDAI), Rachel House and its partner, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, also hosted two palliative care workshops for pediatricians and pediatric nurses in 2016.

Our workshop held in Semarang, was attended by 35 pediatric oncologists (from a total 72 nationwide) from all over Indonesia – an important development for pediatric palliative care for the country. Our second workshop, held with full accreditation from IDAI, was delivered by a pediatric palliative care specialist and a social worker from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, an immunologist from the largest hospital in Indonesia, and one of Rachel House’s very own experienced palliative care nurses. During the workshop, this multidisciplinary team emphasised the importance of caring for children and their families in a holistic way in order to improve their quality of life.