At Rachel House, we believe that the community can be empowered to provide quality care for its members who are living with life-limiting conditions at home. Harnessing the spirit of “gotong royong” (“collaboration) that is deeply ingrained in the Indonesian culture, Rachel House launched the CNPC (Community Network in Palliative Care ) training program in 2013 to equip women and youth volunteers in basic palliative care skills and knowledge.



The Program also trains primary health care professionals at puskesmas (primary health clinics) alongside the community volunteers in order to encourage collaboration through networking. After each CNPC training, monthly meetings are convened at all participating neighbourhoods to forge stronger collaboration between all trained participants, with the hope of making health care and assistance available for all in need.

CNPC training program is a 3-day in-class session combined with in-field practical training to equip participants with the skills that includes:

  • Management of emotional, social and spiritual issues
  • Management of basic symptoms for patients living with cancer, HIV AIDS and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Effective Communication skills with patients and families
  • End-of-life, grief and bereavement support

If you want to be a community health worker and/or establish a CNPC program in your neighbourhood, please contact us at or +6221 5365 2197. Let’s work together in making palliative care available for all!


In 2016, our CNPC program went deep into the heart of North Jakarta, training hundreds of community health workers in basic palliative care and in fostering collaboration with medical professionals at puskesmas. Over 900 community health workers have now been trained to provide basic symptom management as well as emotional and social support for people living with life-limiting conditions at home. These community health workers have also become a crucial link between patients and healthcare providers, helping them navigate the healthcare system and access care.

We’ve also selected some of these trained community health workers as CNPC champions. They will receive further training as palliative care trainers, so they can pass on their palliative care skills to others. Working with champions trained as palliative care trainers ensures the sustainability of the CNPC program and an ever-growing accessibility of palliative care for all.