As part of Rachel House’s vision to develop a world-class palliative care ecosystem in Indonesia, a program was launched to train a new generation of nurses in palliative care skills, along with home care skills, financial literacy and knowledge of business management.

Through the Clinic-in-a-Box training program, Rachel House hopes that good and compassionate care can be available and accessible by many more in Indonesia.

One of the courses under the Clinic-in-a-Box program is a 6-week comprehensive palliative care course offered in collaboration with nursing faculties at major universities in Indonesia to train Registered Nurses in:

  • Impeccable assessment skills
  • Effective pain and symptom management
  • Communication skills within a multi-disciplinary team and holistic framework
  • Home-based palliative nursing care
  • Ethics in palliative care
  • Business management skills (for facilitating community clinics)

There are also short courses providing Introductory, Intermediate, and Advance Palliative Care courses for medical professionals held in collaboration with major universities.

The Clinic-in-a-Box courses focus heavily on practical training in order to provide participants with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude required to provide quality palliative care to patients. The Program is supported by leading palliative care experts from all over the world, Rachel House’s specialist palliative care-trained nurses, palliative care physicians and university lecturers throughout Indonesia.

If you are interested to learn more about the courses under the Clinic-in-a-Box program, please contact us at or +6221 5365 2197.