Siti’s Story

Patient name  Siti
Age  3 years old
Admission date  18 March 2009

Patient History

Siti was the only child of a young couple from West Jakarta. She was first diagnosed with cancer in July 2007, a year after she had fallen in the shower while still learning to walk. According to Siti’s parents, the fall had resulted in a bad wound around her coccyx that never healed, and all bowel movements were increasingly obstructed and painful.

When the pain and bowel obstruction did not ease 4 months later and swelling in the stomach had begun, Siti was referred to Dharmais National Cancer Centre, where chemotherapy treatment was immediately administered.

15 months of chemotherapy later, tumour mass continued to grow and pain persisted. Tragedy struck again when the oncologist attempted a surgery to remove the tumour mass in the hope of easing the pain. Siti was paralysed from waist down post surgery and they also discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver.

This was when Siti was referred to Rachel House.

At Rachel House

Siti’s condition was horrific by the time she was referred to us. She could not hold her food down, every morsel of food was vomited. She was in severe pain. Her young parents were terrified and panic-stricken. They were on the phone constantly with our nurses for help.

Despite her condition, the pain and the inability to walk, Siti was a little girl to the end – she loved her dolls and adored drawings. Our team often brought drawing kits to play with her, to distract her from the pain. She was an adorable and lively little girl.

Siti last days & the family’s journey

Siti passed away peacefully on 17th April, approximately 1 month after she was referred to Rachel House. In the morning before she died, she requested for a bowl of noodles and apparently managed to finish the entire bowl without vomiting! A wonderful blessing.