Ocha’s Story – “Every child has a dream and every dream is worth fighting for.”

Ever since she was little, Ocha has dreamed about becoming an actress. Ocha lives in North Jakarta and recently celebrated her 15th birthday. But only a mere four years ago, getting to 15 would have seemed like an impossible dream.

At the age of 11, Ocha was struck down by a life-limiting illness and was suffering from severe symptoms. Her prognosis for life did not look good.

Thankfully, in her neighbourhood was a team of community volunteers that her family could turn to for help. These volunteers are part of the Community Network in Palliative Care (“CNPC”) group that was established and supported by Rachel House. Harnessing the spirit of “gotong royong” (“collaboration) that is deeply ingrained in the Indonesian culture, the CNPC program trains and empowers local communities to identify and care for seriously ill children in their community.

Ocha was supported by the CNPC-trained volunteers and Rachel House and made a great journey to recovery. At the age of 15 she can now celebrate life with her friends like any other teenager, with the courage to dream once again. And thanks to our partners at Anatman Films, she even achieved her dream of becoming an actress!

For children like Ocha, their journey to health depends greatly on the condition of their environment and the support system. Programs like CNPC, which seek to build a strong palliative care support system in the local community, helps ensure access to support for seriously ill children like Ocha. Because every child has a dream and every dream is worth fighting for.

Click here to watch a video on the work of the CNPC program featuring Ocha.

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