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Information, Security and Privacy

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Donation Payment Procession

All Donations made through Rachel House’s website online donation system are considered private and the information of the donors are held in the strictest of confidence at all times. None of the donors’ information is shared by Rachel House to those outside of the respective department that is responsible for handling online donations. All donations are carefully screened to ensure transparency, efficiency and that there is no fraudulent activity involved. Please note that it is our utmost duty to ensure that all our donors’ information is protected as such by the law.


Donations are accepted in USD (United States Dollar) and IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

Refunds of Donations

All complaints, grievances and disputes will be treated seriously, quickly and in a timely manner, having due regard to procedural fairness and confidentiality. All parties are required to participate in the dispute resolution process in good faith. All donations made voluntarily by any donors and/or site visitors cannot be refunded if the case is that of the donor changing their mind about the donation after it has been processed through our online donation system.